Fuel Kavod is CrossFit Kavod's nutrition program ran by Coach Heather (WAG Certified Coach + PN1 Certified.) Fuel Kavod offers more than just personalized macronutrient coaching. 

There are many reasons we fail when we diet. Our bodies are intricate and we need to understand what our bodies need to fuel them properly. Using the Fuel Kavod program you will be sure your body is getting the nutrients it needs to make consistent progress in weight loss, weight gain and sports performance.
Another factor that helps with success is accountability. We have set up a simple system to keep you accountable and continue hitting your goals. You will have one of the Fuel Kavod team coaches as an accountability partner. You will have daily tasks and weekly check in's with Coach Travis or Coach Heather discussing body composition changes, energy levels and performance.

Let Kavod partner with you to meet not only your fitness goals, but your nutrition goals as well! 

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