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CrossFit Group Program

Our CrossFit program is our core program and what will give you the results you are looking for if you commit yourself to it. Every class will follow the structure below and be around 1.5 hours long.  In this program there are “prescribed” exercises, which are what an experienced CrossFitter would do, as well as scaling suggestions for those who have less experience or strength.  In addition, if you have specific injuries or mobility concerns we scale the segments for your personal needs, so that you are able to get a safe and effective workout every time you come into CrossFit Kavod.

  1. A 5-10 minute Warmup with both individual and group elements to improve the specific mobility necessary for the Strength/Skills and Conditioning segments.

  2. A Strength portion or Skills practice, depending on the day.  In this section you will either work on improving strength and form in Olympic lifting or other associated exercises, or focus on Gymnastics skills to improve flexibility, core strength and body control.

  3. After that will be the Conditioning (METCON) segment, also known as the Workout of the Day (WOD). The WOD will typically take about 15-20 minutes and will focus on anaerobic conditioning paired with functional movements at high intensity.  This is what made CrossFit famous and what most non-CrossFitters are familiar with.

  4. We will finish with a cool down and mobility exercises to improve recovery and prepare you for your next workout!

These classes are a lot of fun! You’ll be working out with friends, pushing each other and getting motivated by some great music.

Fuel Kavod Nutrition

When you look at the Crossfit Fitness Pyramid, the foundation is nutrition. Dialing in your nutrition is a vital component in achieving optimal health, weight and performance goals.

That is why we have partnered with Nicole Marchand Aucoin, Registered Dietitian and Owner of Healthy Steps Nutrition to provide you with a nutrition program that has proven success. Nicole has worked with over a thousand clients, games athletes and CrossFit affiliates all over the world.

We are excited to announce that we now offer a customized nutrition program to our clients and the community. The Fuel Kavod Nutrition Coaching program is designed to provide individuals with an easy, science-based approach to nutrition and wellness, using simple behavior modification strategies to create positive change without the stress of “dieting.” There are many programs that will tell you what not to eat and replace food with supplements. This is a teaching program that will help you understand what TO eat and how to achieve your goals, one step at a time!

Let Kavod partner with you to meet not only your fitness goals, but your nutrition goals as well! 

Kavod Barbell Club

The Kavod Barbell Club is a customized program with classes devoted entirely to Olympic Lifting.  In this program you will learn to maximize your snatch + clean and jerk by practicing these lifts as well as other movements for the purpose of maximizing these lifts.  These classes are intended for everyone, but designed for those interested in getting stronger and/or increasing weight and improving technique on the Olympic Lifts.

Travis Shook is a Level 1 USAW (United States of American Weightlifting) Sports Performance Coach. USAW is the is the national governing body overseeing the sport of Olympic Weightlifting in the United States.  

This is a fun, relaxed environment where you can get stronger and improve your lifts with a great group of people.  Access to the Kavod Barbell Club is an additional $35 added to your monthly membership dues.

Kavod Longevity Program

At Kavod, we believe that fitness and movement is for anyone at any age. We wanted to create a program that was designed for members over 55 years old that have a goal to improve and maintain overall health, fitness and wellbeing. The best, and most important, part is that we will do this in a community with friends by your side.

We will focus on strength, stamina, balance and coordination. You will have a certified and committed coach that will thoroughly lead you through every single class.

We would love to schedule a meeting with you to learn about your goals and answer any questions you may have. To schedule this, please fill out the contact form below and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

CrossFit Kavod Kids & Teens

CrossFit Kids is an exciting and fun way for kids ages 5-11 to exercise and learn healthy lifestyle habits. Our head CrossFit Kids Trainer, Coach Alex, provides a safe and fun environment that promotes success for all experience and ability levels. The program focuses on good movement patterns, having fun, teamwork, and confidence building. CrossFit Kids also provides an opportunity to acquire and improve life skills such as perseverance and hard work.

CrossFit Teens is a strength and conditioning program designed for 12-17 year olds of all experience and ability levels. Our head CrossFit Teens Trainer’s, Coach Alex, provides a fun, safe, supportive environment and helps teens develop a healthy lifestyle and relationship with fitness. The program focuses on proper movement mechanics, confidence building, and character development.

Kavod Gymnastics Club

Kavod Gymnastics Club is made for athletes of all skill levels who want to spend

time dialing in their gymnastics. In this program, you will develop better

coordination, agility, balance, accuracy and overall strength. From working towards

your first pull-up to stringing together multiple bar muscle ups, there are

progressions for every gymnastics movement done in class. Spending focused time

each week improving your bodyweight strength and foundational gymnastics will

help you improve in your overall health and fitness.

This is a fun, supportive environment where you can learn new skills and improve

upon already acquired ones. Access to the Kavod Gymnastics Club is an additional

$35 added to your monthly membership dues.

Personal Training

If you are looking for a more personalized session with one of our certified trainers, this is the option for you.  We offer personal training options that fit your schedule and your fitness goals.

Our personal training sessions are designed around you.

Contact us for more info or to schedule a session.

Personalized Training Program

  • Fitness Consultation — We will begin with a comprehensive consultation and body assessment to understand your fitness past and goals, and to establish your baseline.

  • Program Development — We will develop fitness programming specific to you, based on your past experience, fitness goals, current fitness level, schedule and more

  • One-on-one Class Sessions — The majority of the time will be spent working out. You will have the one-on-one attention with the coach of choice to get the best workout of your life in a safe and private environment.