Meal Prep Doesn't Have to be Stressful!

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Meal prep doesn't have to be stressful! 

I wanted to reach out to our coaches and get some meal prep advice compiled for you. It's not much, but that is the beauty of it. Meal prep can be super simple! Here's a few meal prep tips from Coach Heather and Coach Alex...

"Favorite meal prep recipe has been and will always be shredded chicken.
Flavor we eat mostly is Buffalo Chicken. With Instapot, I put in 4lbs chicken breasts - 1/2 cup water and cook on high pressure for 20 minutes.

From there I shred, add a little of the broth and add small bottle of franks hot sauce.

Ways to use the shredded buffalo chicken : buffalo dip, sliders, lettuce wraps, pinwheels, wraps, tacos, sweet potatoes, list goes on and on.

If you need a link, here is a good one I posted on the Fuel HSN app last week that has lots of different ways to prepare shredded chicken.

Tips -For snacks, go ahead and measure out serving sizes. It makes things easier to grab and go. This works for crackers, pretzels, nuts, fruits and veggies just to name a few.

Love smoothies?Put fresh or frozen ingredients in bags or jar. Store in freezer. When ready, add frozen ingredients to blender with water or milk."

So, clearly Heather loves her some shredded chicken. But how could you not when it's so easy to prepare and so versatile to switch up?!

Here's what Coach Alex had to say,

"I always make theegg muffins from HSNevery Sunday. It makes 12 total and I eat 2 every morning along with some oatmeal and fruit. I looooove them andthey are so easy to grab and go if you're in a hurry.Not hard to meal prep either.

The meatloaf muffins from HSNare great too. Just add some ketchup.

As far as meal prepping recipes...
I don't do a whole lot.I usually grill 3 chicken breasts on Sunday that lasts the whole week. I pair that with all kinds of stuff (rice, salsa, guac, sour cream, cheese // broccoli, sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts // salad // etc...)
I also do turkey sandwiches on sandwich thins a lot for lunch paired with a salad or some fruit."

Heather and Alex have been getting their prep dialed in for years, and even still they keep it super simple. No need to make extravagant recipes that have you burnt out one week in.

Hope this inspires you to prep over the weekend so you can tackle next week strong and prepared!

Have any clutch recipes yourself? Send them in! We would love to know what you guys are whipping up!

Happy prepping!

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