Fuel Kavod Member Highlight - Chris Sauerwine


Chris Sauerwine is one of our longest Fuel Kavod athletes. Chris trusted in the Fuel process and through the program he became educated on how food can fuel your body correctly. He stopped crash dieting and actually eating real food that allowed his body to feel well, perform well, get stronger and get leaner. Chris is currently toting around a six pack 😉 although, that is certainly not always the goal, but can be an added bonus. Keep reading to see his views on the program!⠀⠀⠀

- What was the problem you were having before you signed up for Fuel Kavod nutrition coaching?

“I WAS PUDGY overweight and unhappy with the way I looked. I had dropped a lot of weight prior to coming to Kavod in December 2015, but I was stuck and plateaued and no longer making progress.”

- What was different about our nutrition program compared to diets you’ve tried in the past?

“I had never really tried anything like the Fuel Nutrition program. It was always fat burners and teas and cleanses off of the fabulous internet.”

- Take us to the moment when you realized our nutrition program was actually going to solve your problem.

When I realized just how bad I was eating. Lots of processed foods, refined sugars and the dreaded high fructose corn syrup. I started staying out of the aisles (except for aisle 10 cause that's where the ghee is) and eating real food.”

- Tell us what life looks like now that your problem is solved, or is being solved?

“Well one thing I’ve learned from the Kavod coaches is that nothing is ever over, nothing is fixed, it is a constant process to always improve and evolve in all aspects of your life.

Thanks for the feedback Chris! We are super proud of all the dedication and hard work you have put in. Keep up the awesome work!

If you are interested in Fuel, the process is easy! Set up a free intro with our Fuel coach, Heather. In this quick meeting you will discuss your goals and work with Heather to make a personalized plan that will work best for you.

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