The Power of a Growth Mindset

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Our minds are a powerful thing. Regardless of what we are doing, the outcome begins in our mind.

Our mind is where we form our goals and dreams. Our mind is where we make decisions where those goals and dreams will go.

Sure, there may be something you REALLY want. A new PR, weight loss, the list can be never ending. But if we aren’t looking at our goals with a positive mindset we are set up to fail. Here’s why -

It all begins with a “Growth Mindset.” Let’s dive into this!

Do you ever look back at when you began CrossFit? Why you stepped into the doors of Kavod and what was the driving force behind that decision. It could have been that you were fed up with your health, it could have been you were looking for something to challenge you, it could have been you were seeking like minded community. Every single person in the Kavod family has something in common, they walked through the doors with the plan to improve their life.

Once we get in the groove of things, it’s really easy to fall out of that growth mindset and let negativity take over our life. What we forget, is we have the option to think positive or negative. We have the option to let something bad (yet, small) ruin our entire day. Once that negativity takes root, it overflows into all areas of our life and before we know it, there’s nothing to be excited about.

Growth mindset and positivity is a skill. It is something that takes practice and intentional effort. It is also the most basic skill needed in your fitness journey. You won’t achieve anything in the gym (and outside) if you don’t first believe you can.

Here are a few intentional ways you can improve your mindset.

  1. Be coachable. There is always more to learn. From experts, and from the people that are in your life. When we have a growth mindset we can learn from anyone around us. It allows us to look up to and appreciate others more. And everyone grows better in a community.

  2. Look around you. If you’re not able to recognize your own ability to improve, look to family members or friends for evidence that effort and perseverance pays off. Maybe a friend set out to run a marathon. If you instinctively think, “She’s obviously good at running,” reframe your thinking. Are you really going to take that accomplishment away from your friend? More likely, she trained hard and ran often.

  3. Praise effort, not skill. In you and others. So many athletes finish their workout and decide it was bad based on their performance. When really the quality of your workout is based on the effort. If you have a “bad” workout, maybe there is a skill you need to work on to get better. Don’t get angry about the outcome, put effort into the skill you need to improve on. Then, be proud of your effort!

  4. Compete with yourself. We know that the competitive aspect is fun, tempting and what may have drew you into CrossFit. But there is always a time and a place for being competitive. We can’t compare ourselves to others every single day. That is not mentally healthy. Look at yourself and focus on how much you have improved. Not how you stack up in comparison to others.

  5. Learn from failure. Failure can be the greatest teacher. If we never have failure, chances are we never improve. Failure shows us what we can do to make the outcome different. And failure is never the last opportunity, unless we allow it!

  6. Stay positive. Attitude determines how you live your life. Circumstances can be hard, but we can decide to allow them to control our attitude. If we let circumstances control our attitude we will be mentally drained, circumstances are always changing!

How do you improve your mindset? We would love to hear!

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