2 Things We Need to Focus on as a Masters Athlete

We have all heard the saying, “ use it or lose it!” This applies to all ages, but it is especially important to an older athlete. The most important thing we can do for ourselves and our families is to remain active. 

Whether your goal is wellness, general health and well-being, or performance. Our needs as masters athletes are very similar. 

MOBILITY WORK - throughout life we pick up bad habits when it comes to movement. Think about joints in your body that are meant to be mobile - hips and shoulders just to name a couple. When we have a lack of mobility we begin to create imbalances. Then we start compensating ( using the wrong muscles to get things done ) and in doing so increase our risk of injury. 

The main goal of doing mobility work is to get full range of motion back. We start losing this as we age if we aren’t consistently working on it. If you aren’t already doing this at

home, start today. It’s a great idea to take 15-20min a day to work on mobility. Whether 

it is band work, foam rolling or just good ol’ stretching.

We are doing more and more mobility work in the gym. If you don’t understand what it is supposed to be working, ask us. We want you to be able to take these stretches home and do them there as well. You will be surprised how an increase in mobility will help you not only in the gym but with day to day activities. 

RECOVERY -  When we talk about recovery we are pretty much talking about the ability for you to return to a pre-exertion state within that training session. Also, the ability to overcome fatigue between training sessions. Simply put - being ready to go again without your performance being affected. 

Masters athletes can train hard but in order to do so we need to do everything right when it comes to recovery strategies.  These would include getting enough sleep, getting proper nutrition, de-stressing, practicing active recovery techniques, etc. Younger athletes can get away with a poor lifestyle and recover, older athletes cannot. 

The only time age is a factor with poor recovery is when we use it as an excuse. In doing this,we create lack of focus with recovery. As long as we are focusing on our recovery techniques, we should be good to go for the next training session. 

Mobility and recovery go hand in hand. In order for us to keep moving and stay active, we need them both.

Until next time,

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