5 Ways Your Child Will Benefit from CrossFit

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Our children are our future! I know I can’t be alone when feeling like they are facing more challenges than we did growing up. Different challenges, not the kind of challenges we faced. Our children are growing up in a time where mental and physical health statistics are at an all time high. From obesity to anxiety. Food is different, technology is different. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that exercise is a cure ALL, but it is a cure most! Coupled with the support and acceptance of a community, I believe CrossFit can be life changing for your child! 

Here are a few reasons why:

1. Healthy Lifestyle

Childhood obesity is a growing problem in North America. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), 17 percent of US children are obese. Obese children often become obese adults, facing increased risks of life-threatening health conditions such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

The primary goal for CrossFit Kids/Teens is to pair fitness and fun. If what they are doing is fun then they will continue with it long-term which develops healthier lifestyles. By starting at a young age, kids are more likely to continue with their journey in health and fitness for years to come. 

2. Character Trait Development

Character lessons are best learned in the gym because you can fail there, get back up, brush yourself off, and go out and try it again. The process teaches kids a healthy way to approach life. They learn perseverance, self-discipline, and how to set/achieve long-term goals. Kids also learn the importance of honor and integrity which can make such a difference inside the gym, as well as outside. They are taught to do their best in all aspects of their lives. 

3. Improved School Performance

Kids moving at a high intensity through physical fitness stimulates hormones in the brain that actually help them learn. A 2013 study from the British Medical Journal found that the more active children are at age 11, the better they performed in exams (English, Math and Science) in the following years up to age 16. Another study showed how middle-schoolers that scored well in fitness tests (which gauged aerobic capacity, strength, endurance, flexibility and body composition) had standardized test scores that were nearly 30 percent higher than their peers who were inactive. 

4. Friendships and Social Skills

Starting CrossFit (just like starting anything new and different) can be intimidating at first. Kids come to a place they have never been and participate in a class they have never done with other kids they most likely have never met before. By coming out of their comfort zone and joining a class they tend to become good friends with these kids, because they have a shared experience together. They get to know one another and truly form such an incredible bond and friendship that will hopefully last a lifetime. 

It is also an environment that can teach kids many social skills. They learn how important it is to listen to their Coach when learning how to perform movements, to stay focused and dedicated on a task until the work is completed or the clock runs out, and to cheer on others in the class. 

5. Improved Confidence

CrossFit is full of obstacles and can be very challenging at times. Kids are constantly pushing their body and mind to do things that they never thought they could do. When they achieve those things their confidence grows in tremendous ways. They believe in themselves and know they can overcome hard obstacles. This is not only important in the gym but outside the gym as well. When kids feel challenged in school or life in general they will have the confidence to attack whatever is standing before them and achieve their goals. 

CrossFit is not only for the “athletic” or sport involved kids, it is for all kids. At Kavod we strive to make an atmosphere where a child who may not have much experience with exercise can feel confident and encouraged. Our vision is to set a passion for health and fitness into the children of our community. 

Like I said, our children are our future. 

We want kids to be active and healthy their entire life. The best way to do that is to get them engaged, having fun and wanting to come back. CrossFit Kids does exactly that!

Thanks for reading!


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