6 Ways You Can Experience the Amazing CrossFit Community

How can we keep making this community better and better?

Before we get in deep with this blog I want to address to anyone reading this. This is not a post directly toward anyone or any athlete in particular. We all need little reminders to keep all of us in check and make sure we are on the path we wanted to start on in the first place. 

The Kavod community has been built by the amazing people that make up the Kavod family. We want to continue to foster and grow that experience! So I put together some ways we can hold ourselves accountable to protect that culture we have all worked so hard to attain.

1.LEAVE YOUR EGO AT THE DOOR!.. and your sweat on the floor ;)

If you’re already thinking “ehh this one doesn’t apply to me” it probably definitely applies to you. This applies to you, your mother, grandmother, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, anyone that walks in the gym door. Even your own coach!

Seriously guys, don’t be that person that makes a big scene over something so small. Now don’t get me wrong we have all been there. Including myself! You may miss a heavy lift, but the person beside you may be modifying that movement because they physically can’t do it. Due to injury or not having the time to develop strength yet. You’re over here lifting weight they could never imagine lifting off the ground and throwing a fit because you can’t clean it.

We also have to remember we are wasting time freaking out, that we could be spending analyzing our performance and figuring out how to get better. But with that being said, achieving a new goal or skill may be awesome but is it really the end goal? Once you hit that 10 pound PR is that it? Or when you get that first muscle up, do you pack your things and then go home? NO! We are here to better our lives! To live longer and healthier lives. We want to see our kids have kids, and their kids have kids! Wouldn’t you want to be the grandma or grandpa that played with their grandkids? When I mean play, I mean running around on the yard, going to the pool, the park and enjoying life to its fullest? HECK YES. 

So next time you find yourself losing it, look around and see what you can offer to your community, as well as shift your focus to your main goal. Quality of life.


2. Introduce yourself!

There are always new members, drop ins and others that come to our events and classes, so go introduce yourself! If you see a new face in class just go say hey! It only takes a few seconds of your time to say hello, say you’re name, and ask theirs. Boom that simple. It will probably take just as long to say those things as it did for you just now to read them.

Whenever you first started CrossFit at Kavod weren’t you welcomed with open arms, hugs, high fives, fist bumps? Feels pretty good doesn’t it? So why not return the favor? 😊 Not just to your favorite workout buds, but to everyone in the gym. We are a family at Kavod and no one should ever feel left out, neglected, gossiped about, or not welcomed. That’s not okay at all. Kavod means honor and respect. We should show that and you also will get the same in return. 

We really believe this is the intention you all have! But sometimes it is easy to get caught up in the WOD. But we all have something to learn from one another, every single person. Get to know the people you may not meet anywhere else and watch as they change your perspective.


3. Encourage, Inspire, Grow together

The workout is Fran, 21-15-9 Thrusters + Pull-ups. Talk about nearly 5 mins of wanting to throw up. Just kidding, maybe, but seriously this benchmark workout is tough and fun all at the same time. As we all finish the WOD all we want to do is literally lay on the floor and try to get air into our lungs. DON’T DO IT. Don’t lay down. Take a breather, a lap around the gym and encourage the rest as they finish. Don’t clean up that barbell until every single person is done with their last rep. Why?

  • It’s just not respectful to the others that are still working. The coach has very good time management and is trained to make sure everyone has the time to finish the workout in a reasonable time frame. Whether you’re the first or the last one done.

  • It makes the others feel as if they are too slow, a bother, taking up YOUR time.

  • Laying down right after a WOD isn’t even healthy for your body. I know sometimes your body just hits the floor but try to get up in about 5-10 seconds. Laying down after intense exercise is very confusing to your body and raises your chances of passing out. Your body has pulled blood into all your extremities and when you lie down your blood stays there. Allowing your body to reach homeostasis through a cool down is just as important as warming up. Get blood back to your core body functions.

Moral here is, just wait. Cheer others on and move around so you don’t pass out ;) One of the most famous CrossFit quotes is “CrossFit: the only sport where the last person gets the loudest cheers.” Let’s live that out!


4. Be Coachable

It’s literally our job. So let us do it! We as coaches go through a long process not just getting our Level 1 certifications but at Kavod we are required to attend an internship, observe classes, teach classes under watchful eye, continue education, and the list goes on. We want you to exceed and get new PRs and master those cool gymnastics skills. We have the knowledge and tools to do all those things. So check that ego and allow us to help you get to your goals.

5. Get to class 5 mins early. But why are we on Kavod time?

Yes, our clock is 5 mins slow, but that doesn’t mean come in at that time. That 5 minute delay is actually for you your friends to talk, laugh, drink your pre-workout together, or get that pre WOD bathroom trip in. Believe it or not in those 5 minutes you could have a really awesome convo with your friend who you haven’t seen all week and have the time to catch up on your week or day.

6. Treat others as you want to be treated.

Love on one another. Guys, we are family and family loves each other even when times get though. Get out of that bubble you’ve been in and hug your family, give them the biggest smiles they’ve seen that day, high fives, fist bumps, a little goes a long way to some. Grab a few of your friends and go out together. Maybe you can go grab some coffee before heading to work, or even breakfast! Whatever it is we don’t have to be confined to just the gym. Spread the love to your Kavod family and others outside of here. Love and kindness is contagious and you probably got that feeling the first time you stepped into Kavod. It’s not just the coaches that do it ALL OF YOU. Go out there make a difference in your workplace, at the coffee shop, in the grocery store there shouldn’t be a place out there you wouldn’t want to not feel the love.

Most new athletes mention that they heard about how great the Kavod community is and that is what drew them in. The community is what sets Kavod apart. If you want to experience that community, sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone and seek fellowship with people.

The community and people of Kavod is what makes it so great. Don’t miss out!


We love you guys SO MUCH it hurts!

-Coach Jenna