How should I approach the CrossFit Open?

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Well, it’s the 5th CrossFit Open at Kavod! Wow, those years have gone by quickly! Some of you have been with us from the very first Open Party (in the dark, watching on the Wodify tv’s, on the black leather couch, eating chili out of a crockpot 😂 high rollin’) And some of you have only been with us a few weeks or months! We love you all the same and are so excited for either your 5th or 1st Open with the Kavod fam! 🙌

We get a ton of questions concerning The Open experience. I wanted to gather a few “tips” if you will. These aren’t performance or fitness tips. Rather, mindset tips. That’s where the magic happens, y’all know that! So, here it goes…

Stop viewing scaled as a negative thing.

We scale our daily workouts all the time. Even our coaches! Scaling is not a bad thing. If we have been hounding one thing, it has been where CrossFit fits in your life. We are all in this for fitness and health. A very, very, small percentage of the CrossFit population are doing this competitively. Your ability to work out in no way determines your value or worth. But if getting better at CrossFit happens to be a goal of yours, avoiding workouts because you have to scale them won’t get you there. And if getting better at CrossFit isn’t a goal and you just want to get fit and have fun, then The Open is the perfect way to attain that!

Have an open mindset.

It’s totally acceptable to go into The Open with some goals and realistic expectations. Even encouraged! But you must also keep an open mind about your experience. It is almost guaranteed that you will have at least one bad workout, maybe two. When you hold onto your expectations too tightly, you could ruin your entire experience. Maybe one of your goals can be a mindset goal!

Talk to yourself like your coach would.

Have you ever needed a coach to help you through a fear or disappointment in the gym? Sure. You all quote us all the time. You know what your coach is going to say. They are going to reassure you and encourage you. Talk to yourself that way. None of the shooting yourself down, getting angry with yourself and making sarcastic remarks about your performance or weaknesses. You owe yourself much more respect than that.

Focus on your strengths.

The Open will expose some weaknesses. Some you may have already been aware of and some that may be new realization. That is part of the experience. We all have weaknesses, but staying focused on them won’t get us anywhere if we want to perform our best. Go into each workout focused on your strength and go hard.

Visualize your desired outcome.

Alright, if you haven’t figured it out yet this is Coach Lyd writing to you. If you have worked with me for a bit you know what I’m talking about. I am a huge fan of visualization. This blends a little with the point above but we will dive a little bit deeper. Look at the workout, analyze your strengths and goals in the workout and visualize you giving your best performance. Your goal for the workout is to get those deadlifts unbroken? Visualize yourself doing them unbroken. Visualize how you will approach the workout to maintain unbroken sets. Set your intentions before the workout, this helps you feel confident that you CAN attain that goal. It also helps you figure out how you will accomplish it.

Attend each workout.

If you start The Open, finish it. Sure there are legitimate reasons to quit and I am not referring to those. I am referring to quitting after one bad workout, or a workout you don’t like pops up, or a workout you can’t finish is announced. When you quit you are allowing your mind to decide you can’t do something before you even try. That is not what you are about, you are in here to grow every single day. We don’t grow through easy processes, it’s the hard ones that produce fortitude. Get in here, get it done and prove to yourself, yet again, your workout performance DOES NOT DEFINE YOU.

Take it in, learn and move on.

Good or bad, look at your workout and decide what you liked, didn’t like, what you would do the same, what you would do different. Decide how that affects your future actions, then move on and keep chasing those goals. Super simple folks 😉

Use your accomplishments to set new goals.

The Open is a great time to re-evaluate where you are and decide how you feel about it. The Open can be an experience that makes you super pumped and realize you have crushed a ton of goals, in that case it’s time to make new ones.

The Open can also be a time where you learn that the choices you are making aren’t getting you closer to your goals, and that is ok. It’s actually great, we all need a reality check. How we handle reality check’s is what will make you or break you. Take the reality check and do what we talked about above

I have reality checks in my life all the time, it helps me figure out if I like the path I’m on. Recently I had a huge fitness reality check (The Open earlier this year 😅) and had to decide how I wanted to respond. I realized I have not been exercising as much because I was putting more time into my business and family. I still prioritize a workout almost daily, just not as much volume as I used to. I also realized I hadn’t been eating well to fuel my body in the best way I could. It helped me realize two things, I was proud I was prioritizing my family. But I was unhappy that I wasn’t taking care of my body. So I began Kavod Fuel again and I feel great about the path I am on and the new goals I have set! Without that reality check, I may have not changed my daily actions that either get me closer, or further, from my goals. I am sure a new reality check is a few weeks away and I will take it in, learn from it and move on 😉

You with me?

How do you mentally prepare for The Open? What are your feelings about it? Let us know in the comments or shoot us an email if you have any questions!

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