The Scoop on Double Unders

Double-Unders... you either love em or you hate em!

Am I right or am I right???

What is a double-under and should I be scared?

For those of you who are new to CrossFit and may not know what a double-under/ "dub" is, well here ya go... 1 Jump + 2 Rope Revolutions = 1 Double-Under

And yes. You should be very afraid. Just kidding they really aren't that bad!

What is the benefit of double-unders?

As frustrating as they may be at times, double-unders provide many benefits for athletes such as:

>cardiovascular endurance





>looking like a jump rope rockstar

Should I get my own jump rope and if so which jump rope should I get?

Unlike a barbell or kettlebell, your jump rope is highly personal and therefore one of the few fitness products everyone should own. You need to have a jump rope that is the right length for you. There are so many rope manufacturers to choose from when selecting a jump rope to do double-unders.

Personally, I love my RPM rope! It is extremely light weight, fast, efficient and durable. (Click the link below to check it out)

Okay I have my jump rope and know what a double-under is but how do I do one?

1. Master Single-Unders

2. Power Jumping

3. Single, Single, Single, Double

4. Remove Single-Unders and go for a Double-Under

5. Consecutive Double-Unders

It's just that easy ;)

Common Double-Under Mistakes to Avoid!!! And how to fix them.

1. Donkey Kicking (kicking feet behind you)

Pike/Dolphin Kicking (jumping with legs straight out in front of you)

Tuck Jumping (bringing knees high out in front of you)

The fix: Jump on the balls of your feet with a tight, straight midline and neutral spine. Same jump as single-unders.

2. Using your whole arm to swing the rope like a windmill.

The fix: It's all in the wrists!

3. Letting your arms creep out away from your body.

The fix: Keep your elbows close to your ribcage and arms relaxed.

Now let's see 100 unbroken double-unders ;)

But seriously, go give dubs a shot and tell us how it goes!

H A P P Y J U M P I N G !

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