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What sets Crossfit Kavod apart?

There are many things that set CrossFit Kavod apart. Honor, community, equipment and family to name a few. There are too many reasons, and too little space. Ask any member and they will tell you, when you walk through the doors of Kavod it feels different. Our members are to thank for that!


Kavod coaches are 100% invested in each athlete. It’s not about the workout, it’s not about the barbell, it’s about the individual. All the coaches at Kavod have been trained extensively to make each workout attainable to each athlete no matter the injury or weakness. Our goal is to make fitness attainable for any person at any level.


Kavod: to give glory and honor to one who is worthy

"Super place. Super people. Above average knowledge.
I guarantee this box will exceed all your expectations."

— Mary Clark, Facebook Review

fitness and nutrition for the entire family


our core values

Our commitment to our members and our community are rooted in our vision and core values. Discover what drives us and the principles that form the foundation of the CrossFit Kavod experience.

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