How/why did you start CrossFit?

"I stumbled upon CrossFit while at work in 2012. I saw the CrossFit games on television and my mind was blown. I saw women who looked like the cast of the movie "300." They were throwing weight around that I never thought would be possible for me in years of training. This is what sparked my interest. Then I began researching and looking more into CrossFit. After learning the methodology that CrossFit training is not just to be in better physical condition, but training for life, I became hooked. It increases your quality of life and prepares you for the unknown. So when those “things” happen in life you are better prepared for them and will adapt and recover from them faster. CrossFit makes me a better athlete, gives me endurance to be a better father, the mental toughness to get through difficult challenges, confidence to overcome and even makes me better at something as small as disc golfing. I'm constantly amazed and excited about how much CrossFit effects different areas of my life that I had never imagined it would." - Travis Shook

What made you want to become a coach?

"I have always had a passion for fitness. To live a healthy lifestyle, I worked out for 8 years prior to finding CrossFit. The progress and life changes that CrossFit has made within 3 years has made the last 8 years look pitiful. Seeing many friends and family members quality of life degrade just because their body wouldn’t allow them to do something they used to do always bothered me. I wanted to be able to help, to teach, show them certain things they could do not just to achieve big arms, abs, etc. But to be able to go play outside with their kids without being tired, to move some furniture in their house without fear of throwing their back out, go for a run, to go enjoy life without fear of injuring themselves or being exhausted with a few minutes of physical activity. Upon doing CrossFit I found this “methodology” allows you to have an increased quality of life and to also achieve the physical appearance goals you have always wanted. The abs, arms, butt, legs etc. But the beautiful thing is you don’t become focused on those things anymore you become focused on bettering yourself and challenging yourself, finding out what you and your body are capable of." - Travis Shook  

"When I began CrossFit I was like one of those annoying kids that always asked "But why?" I noticed I didn't just want to go in and get a good workout, I wanted to learn. My coach would tell me to send my knees out in my squat, I would demand the whole scientific reasoning behind it. Thank goodness he continued giving me cues ;) I found myself spending my free time diving into books, blogs, tutorials and testimonials about CrossFit and nutrition. It was life changing and eye opening for me. I had always had a love for fitness and exercise and CrossFit was exactly what I had been hungry for. Through all the knowledge I had gained while training and studying I was able to lose 40+ pounds after having my second child. I didn't realize how unhappy I was with the excess weight I had put on, or how binding it was to not be able to do the things I had always loved. CrossFit gave me a confidence I didn't even realize I was lacking, but the amazing thing is my identity isn't CrossFit. It is Lydia Shook, a wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend. It just so happens CrossFit has given me confidence to be better in all those areas. I decided to become a CrossFit coach, and open a CrossFit gym with my amazingly talented husband, so we could offer the knowledge to other people that may have hit a road block in their road to health, or people who are passionate about the sport of CrossFit, or the stay-at-home mom who comes for the community of the classes or the adaptive athlete that is looking to find a way to appreciate the strength of their body again. The bottom line is I love people. And I believe CrossFit is a gift that is a platform for me to get to know people and help them along the way." - Lydia Shook

How do I start?

CrossFit Kavod offers an On-Ramp Introductory program the first week of each month. These dates are released on our Facebook and Instagram page.

If you do not have social media, or need to contact us with any questions you can email us at

Is CrossFit too intense for my age or size?

Absolutely not! CrossFit was designed and created for anyone to be able to do it. CrossFit works best when you are pushing yourself to your limits, but that doesn't mean it is too intense for anyone. We cater each and every workout to the individual, their level of fitness and their goals. We will make sure you are working hard, but also within your personal limits. The beauty of scaling the WOD is that an olympic athlete and a retiree can be in the same class and both get a great workout.

What if I haven’t worked out in months, or even years?

That's the perfect reason to begin! We will work you into the movements and you will be in the gym tearing through workouts in no time. Just because you haven’t worked out in a while doesn’t mean you aren't capable, it just means you need to be eased back into the workout routine again. We are here to help you with that! The coaches at CrossFit Kavod have experience coaching athletes who haven’t exercised in 30+ years and they pick it up quickly and start seeing results immediately.

What if I have certain injuries?

Make sure when you stop in the first time you inform us of your injuries, prior surgeries due to a previous injury or even minor reoccurring pain you may have. The workouts we perform can be adjusted so you can perform the same workout with the group and won’t cause you further pain or discomfort. We can also help you through your healing process. So injury or minor discomfort is not a problem. 

What if I have small kids with no one to watch them?

We have an area that can accommodate little ones free of charge, with plenty of toys and a TV to keep them entertained while also being contained to ensure no harm while you are performing your workouts. This area is in the same room as the gym and there will not be a childcare employee to watch them. As much as we love cuddling baby's we cannot coach and cuddle, so unfortunately if your child is upset it will be your responsibility to tend to them. 

What do all these acronyms mean? AMRAP, WOD, EMOM, etc.

We have all had to learn the CrossFit lingo, so don't worry, we understand. You'll have it down in no time.

  • WOD - Workout of the Day

  • AMRAP - As many rounds/reps as possible

  • RFT - Rounds for time

  • EMOM - Every minute on the minute

  • Rx - This is used to specify the workout was done "as prescribed" which means you did not scale any movements or weights.

  • PR - Personal Record

  • 1RM - 1 Rep Max, this is the heaviest weight you are able to lift for 1 rep

There are a lot more acronyms but please don't be too shy to ask in the class. We will always go over the workout and the movements before we start a class.